Weekend Wrap-Up

Firstly, I would like everyone to notice the post title and how punny it is, because a burrito is essentially a wrap and the word, wrap, is in the post title.  Side note: Do you know the feeling when you are getting to know someone and you first start communicating with them digitally, and you don’t really understand when they’re being sarcastic or joke-y because everything seems kinda serious written down aside from things like ‘forget about his hair, I just love his music,’ and ‘so long story short, I was standing in the middle of the parking lot, completely nude, right as the DMB show was letting out.  NEVER do tequila shooters on an empty stomach’?  Well that’s why I feel inclined to explain some of my jokes to you guys directly after making them.

Secondly, Soft Tacos and I spent some time together over the weekend and got real freaky with the camera so expect some photos later on.

Now I’m going to get severely metaphorical so try to stay with me (I’ll do my best to emphasize the key words just in case).   Both ST and I did some serious complaining last week about the hardships of being ‘in love’ on the weekends.  Personally, I blame the ‘distance’.  Chipotle ‘lives’ a good half mile away from me at the closest and it’s hard to find time in the day to make it ‘work’.  I have no problems with Chipotle as ‘a lover’, in fact, I still get that fuzzy feeling in my stomach when I’m picking out my beans, meat, salsa types, and extras (do you guys realize that the name of this blog is the-guac-is-extra because every single time you ask for guac on your burrito they say, ‘the guacamole is extra, okay?’? Well that’s why it’s called that if you didn’t know.) and an even fuzzier feeling when I’m actually eating it.  So the real dilemma here is internal, kind of an, ‘it’s not you, it’s me, but really it’s gotta be you otherwise this wouldn’t be an issue, but I’ll just say it’s me to make it easier on myself.’  What I do blame myself for is being too lethargic on Saturdays and Sundays to walk a half mile just once in order to ‘satisfy’ my ‘desires’ as well as make Chipotle ‘happy’ and not suspect me of ‘infidelity.’  

Well you’ll all be interested in knowing that I have remained true and plan on doing so for another 18-19 days after which I will most definitely turn up the ‘charm’ and start ‘playing’ the ‘field’ again in a ‘big’ way.

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