3 Ritos, 2 Bags o’ Chips & a Lg Drink 2 Go

… Just another day in the life of Mal-nourished.  The getting is good, but I like to keep the frequency low.  Brendita (the cashier at one of my more regular Chipotle venues) has started to get real frisky with me from behind the counter and I’m not sure if it’s cause she likes me or cause she thinks I’m a dodo brain.

You make me feel like a natural human

I’d like to touch on something that I think Soft Tacos was trying to subtly point out in his most recent post – Is being in love normal? But more importantly, is being in love with only one … person (other than yourself)… normal? Of course while I discuss this topic, I’m only going to talk about Chipotle because that’s why we’re all here, right? To read/write about Chipotle while we pretend we’re talking about true love? No? Well I think so…

I will try to go about answering this all-important question as gently as possible:  Chipotle has been trying to do everything in her power to keep me interested.  She changes her attitude (meat, beans, salsas) when she feels me growing distant, and she even changes her appearance (taco, burrito, bowl) when she wants to keep my attention.  Everyone still with me?  Now believe me, I am grateful for Chipotle’s willingness to spice it up at any given moment, but let’s be honest here, Chipotle will always be Chipotle.  She will always have that same DNA (Mexican-ish), the same scent (Mexican-ish), the same way she plays with me hair while I’m trying to sleep, the same way she laughs at my stupid jokes just cause she knows it makes me feel like more of a man when she does even though I think it’s silly and sad that she’d laugh at a stupid joke for that reason because it actually makes me feel more like a humorless charity case (maybe not those first two?).  MY POINT IS, although I am enjoying my love affair with Chipotle right now, I can’t help but think about all the ‘other fish in the sea’ (fish I guess works on two levels because it is edible (Chipotle doesn’t sell it), and that is also one of those popular sayings that parents like to use after you’ve been dumped by your gf and have moved back into their garage at age thirty four).  I think what I’m getting at is there is definitely something to say for knowing you have someone who loves you waiting for you at the end of the day, although I don’t think Chipotle is capable of experiencing emotion (kind of like ST and I) because, first of all, it’s a brand.  And that’s it, though I wouldn’t put it past Chipotle to somehow add emotion into their delicious burritos.  However, it is also nice knowing that at any given moment you can eat whatever you want without repercussion.

I guess this means I can’t ‘commit’ to an answer.  Ah well, I still have 16 days to figure it out.

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