Lighten the Mood

I feel as though my posts have been getting heavy, so I’m going to make this one a bit lighter.  Coincidentally (cue transparent segue), I have been losing weight like someone on a really strict weight loss regimen since committing to the Chipotle-only-sustenance!  Seriously, if I lose any more weight, I think I may just float away into space where all they serve is Chipotle and Yodles (why yodles? Because in my head I was thinking, ‘what might be a really odd food to say here’ so I can make some heads turn and earn a few smiles, and after combing through my mental rolodex of foods when finding that Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern wasn’t on for another hour, I went through my list reverse alphabetically and blam! Yodels!  Now you know how my mind works, plus Yodels taste alright, too.  Come to think of it, Zucchini wouldn’t have been bad either).

Staring lovingly into Chipotles eyes, Second Installation

My instincts tell me that I have been losing weight because I am not eating as many calories as I normally would and I am exercising the same amount as I normally would.  But this blog is telling me to tell you that I have been losing weight because I just got into a serious relationship with you know who and she is whipping me into shape so she can show me off to all of her friends.  Ain’t love grand?  By the way, I find it odd that I am devoting all of my energy into this relationship yet Chipotle is clearly two-timing me with Benny Soft Taco Butt (he only lets me call him that).

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