Days 3, 4, 5, 6…

One weekend =’d 4 burritos, 3 bags of tortilla chips, 3 tacos (not necessarily in this order).

Mal’s (my) quest for love got a bit spicier over the weekend. I experienced my first below average Chipotle dining experience, which came on Sunday at approximately 5 pm Eastern. Aside from the minor blip, which consisted of me saying ‘I’m not really enjoying this burrito’ then pounding it down without a problem, I have not had much to complain about. I will say, however, that venturing a half mile, while hungover, to be the first person to place an order at Chipotle, which opens at 11am, on back-to-back days, is not a great feeling, and though I still immensely enjoyed the food, or la comida if you will, minus the Sunday@5pm, see above, I am not looking forward to the remaining weekends (run-on sentence, (-) 1 pt, thanks Mr. Thorpe).

So the good news is that I survived my first real challenge and it looks like love may still prevail. See pic below for how day 6 is going thus far.


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