30-Meal Anniversary

Benny Taco and Chipotle hit their 30-Meal Anniversary

Last night while watching a Swamp People marathon (that show is absolutely amazing – History Channel, I take it back, you aren’t just for WW Veterans) Chipotle and I celebrated our 30th-Meal Anniversary. It was a big moment for us that neither I nor Chipotle was sure we could reach.  And thanks to Chipotle it was my best anniversary ever which is a high bar to pass, because when I was 17 and my high school girlfriend and I reached our anniversary, I was rewarded with a deeply passionate handy in her father’s Rav-4 – man those things can really drive, they must have a hemi or something.

After having a hard time staying monogamous over the weekend again, watching friends chow down on a variety of foods from Chinese to Falafel, this anniversary was exactly what I needed to get back on track and reignite my desire.  I feel like now that we have these 30 behind us the next 40 should be a breeze.

WOW, 40 more… Love is tough stuff.

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