Meal 14 and Fitdeen

After a hard weekend in the love department, Chipotle and I bounced back with a magical Monday. 3 Tacos and a Burrito bowl later we were singing in the rain and both dancing the hora.

However, yesterday I noticed something that Chipotle does that makes no sense. When you order sour cream on top of your meal, the cream is free. But, if you ask for that same amount in a container, it is one dollar.  This clearly makes their container one dollar, which is a fairly high priced plastic container. But then again, so is a condom, so I am okay with that logic at it’s core.

But there is more to this story. When you decide to spice up your meal and take home some hot sauce, Chipotle offers that very same container for free.  That simply does not make sense. Let me put that into terms that only I can understand…this would be like some giant entity, let’s say Trojan, selling condoms for over a dollar, that the city of New York is passing out for FREE. It just isn’t going to happen, not in a million years, because that simply would not make any sense.

It’s okay Chipotle, love doesn’t always make sense and neither do I. I realize that everyone has their strange corks and that’s okay with me. I will just make sure to go with the raw creaming of the taco from the start, no need for the container what-so-ever. Hey… that kinda feels better anyway.

Meal 14 and 15

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3 Responses to Meal 14 and Fitdeen

  1. Benjamin Geiger says:

    Oddly enough, I’ve never been charged for ordering sour cream on the side, or even for getting an empty container.

  2. Laura says:

    The raw creaming from the start. The humor is amazing.

    Love the blog, you boys are cute

  3. Nacho says:

    “I realize that everyone has their strange corks and that’s okay with me.”

    I really have to disagree here. While I actually do have a lot of strange corks, a collection in fact (see example: ), I have never met anyone else that collects strange corks.

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