Chipotle and I Experimented

experimenting with vegan chipotle in chelsea location

Over the weekend, Chipotle and I decided that we were feeling pretty comfortable with each other and that we both felt that we could take it to the next level.  In taking it to a whole new playing field, I went to Chipotle’s “testing” location on 8th and 17th on the west side. At this location Chipotle experiments with different ingredients and offerings.

As I got to the front of the line to begin trying new combinations with Chipotle here is what I noticed Chipotle was interested in trying: Brown Rice, Red Beans, 3 New Salsas, White Corn, and most different – a vegan option (‘Vegan Garden Blend’).

Although I am typically a meat eater exclusively (I don’t really consider any dish a meal if there is not at least some meat in it), my curiosity took over and I had to get the vegan option. I got two different orders. Vegan Garden Blend Tacos and bowl.

The faux-meat, which was kind of like a cross between chicken and tofu was actually pretty good. It was hard to really tell if the difference in taste that I was experiencing was due to the fake meat or the different beans, rice and salsa. Which ever way you cut it, I really enjoyed.

I will though have to say that after deep contemplation, things got a little too weird between Chipotle and I. And I hope we can go back to normal. Nothing really compares to what we have had over the last 12 days and if we do do (haha, I said doodoo) some experimenting again, it should only be for special occasions.

Benny ‘T’ + Chipotle = <3

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