Mal-nourished Bio

bio-rrito mal-nourished

My name is Malcolm (AKA Stern, AKA Sperm, AKA the Sternest Ascher, AKA Malkey), a construction manager from Morningside Heights, Manhattan with a serious appetite, and not serious like, ’you’re so serious!’ But more like, ‘damn, that’s a serious appetitie!’  I am a proseman and a seasoned burrito eater (think outside the pun!).

To put it in perspective, myself, along with a friend of mine, recently finished a ‘quest for love’ in which we spent 30 straight days eating Chipotle.  And ONLY Chipotle. I know, kind of weird, fun, crazy, mesmorizing, and interesting, right?

So now that we’ve done that, we’ve decided to take everything we’ve learned about from that experience, and put all of the positive energy into something equally as important.  Blogging about Mexican food!  Sounds like the same exact thing, no? No, I guess you’re right, it does.  Well whatever, you’ll LOVE it.

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