Whose 2 Blame 4 The Recent Taco Spills

Are Taco Spills a Good thing?

For anyone who has eaten a Chipotle Taco – and you are a nobody until you have – you know the standard drill. You go about eating each scrum-dititly-umious taco one mini-burrito at a time.  As you go through this ritual procedure, inevitably a little bit of the meat-salsa-corn filling falls out of each taco on to your aluminum plate, thus leaving an amalgam of each that gets mixed together into a small piece of heaven. This little constellation at the end of the taco eating experience really saves the day since you are rarely ever ready to be done eating just yet.

Well, since I have had maybe 20 different meals consisting of tacos over the last 16 days, my taco eating skills have really improved. I mean, I am a true taco eating All-Star. I have gotten SO good in fact that I do not naturally spill any taco filling anymore. Much to my horror, I even had a meal in which there was not a single leftover drop of the precious mix to scoop up and end the experience.

Needless to say this was horrifying. I contemplated buying a whole new order of tacos but that would be too much. So I munched on my chips – disappointed - quite for the first time in years.

So as I ate my tacos last night, I executed a devious plan that may shock you. As I took mammoth bites of each taco, I purposefully tipped the taco and squeezed it such a manor that just the right amount of filling fell to it’s aluminum home. It was a careful balance of getting the proper filling to fall while not letting any on lookers know I was artificially creating this phenomenon.

Now that I have said it, I feel better. But, let the record show that I am not ashamed. Next taco meal, I am going to do the same exact thing.

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