Week 1 is in the Books

Mal-nourished and I (Benny Tacos) have now officially completed our first week and I am happy to report that we are both not just firmly still in love with Chipotle but are more confident than ever that our wandering eyes will not give way to our “other brain” (our stomachs).  Week 1 held some ups and some downs, from fights to blissful interactions, but all in all I think both Mal and I can agree that we have both came out of it better men and more in love than ever with the one that we both adore.  Lucky for us, there is plenty of Chipotle to go around!

Let’s Check-in on my vitals to see how things have changed:

tale-of-the-tape-week 2

Benny “Soft Tacos”

Height: Still 5′ 9″
Weight: 165.7 (down 7 pounds)
Taste Buds: Refined
Chipotle Love: 9
Penis Size: Jewish
Balls: Small (but a big sac)

Week 2 Begins

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