Two is Always Better Than One

Double Fisting Tacos at Chipotle is Easy

Over the years there has been a long line of double fisters and fisting techniques. This millennium old pastime has spanned countless events and industries from Tailgates to other “tail” related actives but has only now, within the last 24 hours, creeped into mainstream Chipotle culture.

The innovative technique that I discovered yesterday is more of an art than a science so you will have to work at it for a long while before you will become fully adept at pleasing Chipotle in this particular fashion. But practice makes perfect.

I first developed the concept 3 days ago while perusing the internet for my favorite streaming adult documentaries. One of the male “characters” in this short film was using his clenched hands as “props” to really make a penetrating point to his female counter part. I immediately thought to myself, Chipotle!

And the idea was born. After a trial session with two Burritos and two Bowls, I have discovered that Tacos are the way to go. With that knowledge the rest of the logistics are pretty simple: Order tacos. Pick up one taco in your left hand. Pick up the other in the right. Position them on either side of your mouth. Lean your head back. And with a little practice, you will have bliss.

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