Staying Lean for My Sig Other

Yesterday, for the first time, I started to think about the specifics of my nutritional intake for the last 22 days. All the while, I have been weighing myself once a week to see if I am putting on any serious L-B’s but as you know, I have actually lost weight. So I know I am all good and Chipotle won’t be leaving me anytime soon, but in reality I have never really calculated the nutritional specifics for my most common meals.

So I did what I do for most of my working hours, I googled something completely unrelated to my job. And when I did this two different nutritional logs came up, both claiming to be Chipotle Nutritional Calculators 2.0.

While getting over my obvious annoyance at calling something “2.0″, especially a simple nutritional counter, I entered into both, my typical lunch meal – Soft Tacos, Chicken, Fajita Vegetables, mild salsa, corn, medium salsa, sour cream and cheese.

The results were different depending on which one I looked at, but which is right?

Chipotle Nutritional Facts

The difference in some of the main categories were not all that, well different. They were 64 calories apart, 4 grams of fat different, and 7 grams of protein off.  And to a normal human being, this should not be a big deal. But for a creature that is eating roughly 75 straight meals of this stuff, those little differences are a huge deal.  64 calories (roughly the amount in a 64 calorie MGD) x 75 meals = 4,800 calories.

I know you must be expecting an answer to which one is correct. But this time strangely enough, I have no answer. I could make one up like usual, but I am curious myself, so I will resist the temptation. Which one is it?  Both are clearly reputable sites that love Chipotle the same as I do. One gets a lot more traffic (is bigger always better?) and the other is older and presumably wiser.

The jury is still out, so if any one has any insight, just holla. In the mean time I will be here, playing duck hunt, listening to Monica, chillin’ with Chipotle.

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6 Responses to Staying Lean for My Sig Other

  1. Sandi says:

    Try comparing to the nutritional info posted on the Chipotle site –

    • So, I used Sandi’s advice and ran the numbers on my typical taco lunch and it turns out that neither of the sites are right, but one is certainly closer than the other. 825 Calories is what I got using Chipotle’s which is within 5 of’s 820. I am going with them as the winner here. Thanks Sandi!

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