Probable 2011 Percentages

Michael Clayton Loves Chipotle

“So Mal-nourished and I are walking out of Chipotle and he turns to me and tells me that we’ve just hit seventy-five-thousand calories on our March to Love and he wants to celebrate.

An hour later, I’m in a dimly lit building in Chelsea and two Lithuanian redheads are taking turns ‘working on me’. I’m laying there, I’m trying not to finish, I’m trying to make it last, right?

So I start doing the math — seventy-five thousand calories – what is that? — 30 days — 2,500 calories in a day — 12 months in a year — That’s 900,000… So 75,000 out of 900,000 – thats 8% of my yearly intake — We are talking years — it’s lives — and the numbers are making me dizzy, and now, now I’m not just trying not to finish, I’m trying not to think!

But I can’t stop! Is that me? Am I just some freak organism that’s been put here to eat and sleep and spend my days consuming this one brand of food? Is that my destiny? Is this is my place?”

This isn’t exactly a true story. Well, actually, it isn’t true at all. This was really just a quote from the movie Michael Clayton staring George Clooney, slightly adapted to fit our situation. But what is true – is the math.

Let me break it down in another way. Mal-nourished and I will consume 75 meals of Chipotle by the time this is over. Then I’ll estimate that we eat an average of 1 meal a week of Chipotle for the rest of year (half our typical average). Thats a total of 125 Chipotle meals in 2011. If we eat an average of 2.5 meals a day for the year that is roughly 900 total possible meals consumed. So in all probability we are going to eat 13.8% of our meals this year at Chipotle. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

Here is the Clip for reference (lines start at 23 seconds):

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