Observations by the Numbers

I am not one to use “Potty” humor. Well actually I am the one to use potty humor. Saying the word ‘diarrhea’ still gives me a little bit of chuckle and I couldn’t not think “cha cha cha” after hearing it – even if I was sentenced to 30 straight days of Rebecca Black for the thought. But what I am about to share is actually true and like a lot of what has happened to my body over the last 27 days, not what I would have expected.

When most think mexican food, they think spice, they think beans and they think ‘farts’. To echo this, the most popular question (other than aren’t you getting fat) when I tell people about the 30 day challenge is about my BM (bowel movements) – as you can see, my friends are as mature as I am.

But seriously, I would have thought that the intake of 58 straight meals of Chipotle Mexican Grill would have torn up my insides – making me need to go to the bathroom more often with less dense feces and having me flatulate (made that one up) at a higher rate.  But what has happened is the exact opposite. Check out the graphs below.

inverse chipotle graph

My flatulence rate has declined steeply while my density rate has risen at about the same rate. Again, Chipotle is full of surprises and I guess that is why I have been able to stay faithful to it all this time.

Chipotle you are so spontaneous and just all around amazing!

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