Meal 17: Me Love Tacos

Meal 17 be thy Tacos

Did you know that Taco is spanish for ‘Amazing Lover’?  Well it’s not, so if you did, you were lying. Even despite that knowledge, to start off week two, I hammered down another serving of chicken tacos (the soft kind, say my name foo?).  This is now the third consecutive meal that I have taken down this exact combo. And the 11th time in the last 8 days. Am I getting bored of Tacos?… hellz no, how could one get tired of the salsa, corn, lettuce, sour cream combo with Meat?

Well, I will tell you how… if the meat is 88% beef.  Coincidentally this is a perfect segue to my feelings on Taco Bell and their new commercials.  Now I am no marketing wiz, well actually I am, I run a marketing company, but if I were even better at my job and had Taco Bell as a client, I would not have let them come out with a commercial that was so defensive and confrontational. I also would not have let them say that it is only 88% on TV, because that implies 12% is not beef and that does not sound good even if the other stuff makes it better. And I definitely would not have mentioned “signature recipe” or anything around the concept of secret sauce without explicitly mentioning what types of things are in it. Because when I think of my signature recipe or secret sauce, it ain’t what anyone wants in their tacos, although it may look similar.

Taco’s for Life!

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3 Responses to Meal 17: Me Love Tacos

  1. Weller Ross says:

    Guys, this is awesome…. I just read every post on your site and am truly eager to follow the rest of your journey… and may even be inspired enough to try it myself. lol

  2. Marsha says:

    P.S. Guys I love what you’re doing. Keep it up. We’re all rooting for you.

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