Lady and the Rrito


You know in the movie Lady and the Tramp when ‘Lady’ has one end of the spaghetti string and the ‘Tramp’ has the other end and they end up kissing when they both slurp the spaghetti. Well this isn’t like that at all! This is just two dudes showing that there is plenty of Chipotle love to go around. It is also making a statement on American progressiveness, that sharing is now in fact caring, and that two straight dudes can do something pretty darn gay and it is cool. It is cool right? I said it is cool right? Wait, isn’t it cool? Our friend Zach said it was. Mal-nourished, I think we have been had.

Anyway, Chipotle is a good enough lover for everyone to enjoy, all at once. So if you are so inclined and if you are feeling the love, feel free to join us in the “March to Love” (that bad pun only works for another couple of days) and eat only Chipotle with us for our last week of the journey.

“When you are in Love (with a burrito) you can’t fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams.”  ~ Dr. Seuss

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