Is it Love or is it Lust?

Nate No Cream Weighs in on Lust and Mexican Food

Not all of us are in search of love for the first time. Others have experienced it and have found that they are only interested in Lust. This is the case for our good friend Nate “No Cream” (he doesn’t like sour cream… we don’t get it either). Check out another perspective in his guest post below:

I had my heart broken before, so I already know that love, in the common sense of the word, does not exist.  I am no longer in search of love like my brosefs Benny and Mal, because I know that love is a word invented for poetry and Valentine’s day.  I mean, you can really enjoy someone’s company and like to roll around naked with them, I totally believe in that.  Perhaps that is what you call love.  If that is the case, I fell in love twice last Saturday, and once again in the morning.

So maybe for me love is mixed with sex, which means that love is about sampling, variety, closeness, experimentation and pleasure mixed in with some sweet pillow talk and a damp washcloth afterward.  My pursuit is different than Benny and Mal, I just want to try everything.  I can decide later what I want to try again.

That’s why I decided to take the Chipotle challenge for one meal last night. It was great.  I had a burrito bowl, with double chicken, all four salsas, guac (which was extra), both types of beans, and the fajita vegetables.  It was really good.  I enjoyed every moment of it.

Would I have it again today?  No. Would I have it again sometime in the next week?  Possibly, if I was out of other options and it was the easiest thing around for me to eat.  Could I see myself eating Chipotle more regularly?  Maybe, I’d have to get to know the menu a little better and learn what parts of Chipotle make me feel good while at the same time developing a certain level of respect and trust for the Chipotle brand for me to spend any amount of regular time with it.  I could see eating almost exclusively Chipotle in the future.  The distant future, like when I’m 35 or something.  It’s just that right now, living in New York City, I am far too young, capable and in the position to try a plethora of unique foods, restaurants and eating experiences to be burdened down by eating just one.

Chipotle, you were great, really.  I’ve got your number and I know where you live, so maybe we can hang out again some time.  I think I’d like that, but right now I’ve got to go.  One of my friends is moving into a new apartment, and I told him I’d help him move.

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