Half Way Home

“Love Takes a Lifetime to Build” – A saying that I know extremely well, not just because the last 15 days have felt like a half a lifetime but also because I just made it up right now on the spot. In the first half of our quest for love, I tried every meat, every side, salsa, and mexican condiment and even some coming soon items not yet on every Chipotle menu. And now with 15 days left, I have nothing new to try, nothing to disguise what it is that I am consuming every day (I guess Chipotle Factorial [C!]= 15 days). And I believe this is why 30 days is what it takes to find love. Because for the next 15, it is nothing but me and Chipotle – straight up! We are half way to love!

Day 15 Weigh in for the Chipotle Challenge

Benny “Soft Tacos”

Height: Still 5′ 9″ (since 6th grade)
Weight: 163.0 (down 2 from last week – 9 overall)
Taste Buds: Spice Forcefield
Chipotle Love: 8
Penis Size: Chicken Taco

After 15 Days of Mexican Bliss

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