A Quesadilla By Any Other Name

Much to the surprise of both Mal-nourished and I, as we were visiting the 14th street Chipotle around 11:15am on Saturday morning, we witnessed a rather large individual in line in front of us throw a curveball not yet seen, when ordering her meal.

“Quesadilla please… Steak” ~ Fat Lady.

Mal-nourished and I immediately turned to each other with a look of confusion and delight all at the same time.  There is no sign of a quesadilla on the menu and we have nearly 70 combined meals between the two of us in the last 2 and half weeks and neither of us have ever witnessed such a thing.

Needless to say, both Mal-nourished and I tried it.  And we were not disappointed. Melted cheese and meat. You really can’t go wrong. If you order anything else on it they consider it a burrito, but who cares what they call it, Mal and I had quesadillas!

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3 Responses to A Quesadilla By Any Other Name

  1. Chipotle Guru says:

    Does this mean neither of you have ever had the pleasure of a Quesorrito aka Quesadilla Burrito? They make a quesadilla, melt the cheese, then open the quesadilla up…. And they make your burrito using the toasty-melty cheesed tortilla. It. Is. In. Cred. I. Ble.

    You’re welcome,
    Chipotle Guru.

    • Thanks for the heads up Chipotle Guru! Neither I nor Mal-Nourished have ever tried the Quesorrito and as you may have guessed, it is certainly going to be one our next couple meals. Any other tips on switching things up are greatly appreciated. Variance is definitely something we are looking for in a burrito at this point!

    • Hey-yo Chipotle Guru. I have to thank you. Both Mal and I tried your Quesorrito this Saturday (strangely enough, they didn’t know what it was when ordered at first, but after a simple explanation, they saw things the way we wanted them to). Anyway, it t’was the bomb’s bomb. Good looking out!

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