Chipotle Love Found Us, Now its time to eat

Life After Love

For Benny “Soft Taco” and Mal-Nourished life (and this site) has been about proving that we could love. And, after completing the 30-day Chipotle Challenge, we finally feel confident that we are capable of monogamy, even if we still can’t spell it correctly without spell check.

So now that the whole LOVE thing is behind us, we are prepared to venture out into the unknown to see what we have been missing. Dipping our fingers in different guacamole jars, day after day, even if it is for only one quick unsatisfying ego boosting adventure at a time.

Let’s find out what Mexican food lovers do after a Chipotle relationship break up!

What Does It All Mean?

We still love Mexican food despite the deep emotional scar left from our intense relationship with the most beautiful taqueria in the sea. But the mourning period is finally over and we have put away our custom Chunky Monkey spoons and have at least turned down the Montel Williams Show. We are bouncing back from love with a bang and taking our skills to Kind of Genius – where we are manifesting our lessons in a whole new set of ways. So come check out what we are up to now!

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